Chiropractic Testimonials

"LF Chiro and Dr. Jen are awesome! I love all the many benefits of Chiropractic care but most especially the special care and concern Dr. Jen has for each and every one of her patients. I am so blessed to be one of them!"

- Kathleen K.

"Dr. Jen doesn’t just fix my back, she helps with whole body health needs! I went from not being able to bend at all to dancing while cooking again."

- Nikki N.

"The adjustments made on me make my life more enjoyable to work and move. Thanks for the great care."

- Aaron P.

"Dr. Jen and Nikki always make me feel welcome and always make my day. I never leave in pain and I know I am getting the best care possible."

- Amy C.

"I love the benefits of keeping the spine in alignment"

- Craig Z.

"I’m so grateful that Dr. Jen’s chiropractic care helps me to keep moving, to feel good, and to know that there is hope and help for health!"

- Susan H.

"It helps my shoulder, back, and allergies. And all around feeling."

- Dan D.

"I love the release!! There are no drugs involved to feel great!"

- Ashley P.

"I love being able to complete a full day of work without pain"

- Brandon S.

"It helps me be able to do my job. It makes me feel good."

- Nick B.

"I love that I learn to live a more holistic lifestyle with Chiropractic care.

I love the fact that Dr. Jen keeps me moving!"

- Edie


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